As a subject for my graduation project, I looked for something very banal, very accessible and something everyone probably knows and even owns: the vase. Used in ancient times for storing wine, food and body parts, often also used as a symbol of victory and triumph, today the vase is mainly a container used for holding cut flowers or for decoration. I researched the function of the vase throughout history, from vases in fired clay to purely digitally existing vases.

The vase was also a tool for my graphic choices. Indeed, by placing the text in a certain way, one of the many shapes of the vase appears. Also, the choice of the two main colors, terracotta and royal blue, has its reason: terracotta refers to the origin of the vase whereas royal blue is the most common color used on vases all around the world. 

My research resulted in a timeless artbook of more than 300 pages in which I used Art as a tool to learn about the enormous history of the vase in an interesting way. 

Jury award
Editorial Design
Graduation project
LUCA School of Arts, Ghent

June 2022