Sjeng is the name of a sustainable second-hand clothing brand, founded by two sisters in April 2022. Their father, named “Sjeng” was a tailor. With this brand they reconnect with their childhood at his atelier; him sitting on the table surrounded by the seamstresses, the sound of the sewing machines, the rolls of fabric everywhere, the chatting and laughing...

The world of clothing and textile has very much changed from those days. We live now in a world where there is an abundance of clothes; often cheaply produced and polluting our environment. Therefore,  SJENG wants to contribute to sustainability. They only reuse second-hand clothes and transform them to “other” and “new” unique pieces  adding their own style, identity and creativity to them.  In transforming these second-hand clothes, they work together with tailors and seamstresses in Brussels.

It was very important to create a timeless visual identity that exudes a peaceful atmoshpere. As a consequence I chose a serene color pallete of three colors: deep green, celeste blue and cream color. The typography is quite classical but yet with a modern touch, which gives the visual identity a classy, exclusive and contemporary look all at once.

Visual Identity
SOMEKIND studio, Brussels

April 2022