Together with Kelsey we chose to give life to The Pill, an ordinary object that is used all over the world by an enormous amount of people. Our fascination by this object led us to design our own graphic magazine.

Just like the original MacGuffin magazines we devided ours in three different parts: ill, thrill and kill. The first part concentrates on the pharmaceutical industry and on how pills can cure us from being ill. The second part shows the wonderful ways of how pills can also be aboslutely thrilling. And finally, the last part focusses on the dangers of this small round mass of solid medicine. By deviding the magazine in those three parts we could focus on finding different kinds of very interesting articles, all consistent with the part they find themselves in.
Our research resulted in a beautiful graphic magazine in which the readers will get to know many different artists and designers, and of course, a lot of interesting facts and stories about the life of the pill.

Editorial Design
School assignment
LUCA School of Arts, Ghent
In collaboration with Kelsey Degroodt

November 2022