Mapplethorpe once said: “If I had been born one or two thousand years ago, I might have been a sculptor, but photography is a very quick way to see, to make sculpture.” This quote really inspired us and gave us the idea to put Classical Art and Robert Mapplethorpe closer together. We decided to look back in the past and compare his pictures to one of the most famous Classical artworks. Our intention was to show that, contrary to what many people think, Robert Mapplethorpe was an amazing artist and not only a gay, pornographic photographer.

Because of our special target group, quizzers, we had to take into account what is important for them. Therefore, in every article we highlighted the most interesting facts for them to learn, and after every chapter there are exercises and questions they need to answer. 

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LUCA School of Arts, Ghent

In collaboration with Jutta Vandenbussche

January 2022